a daily breath – an invitation to pause

Time to put these sketches aside – let all the learning percolate.
I’m feeling the limitations of iMovie, the constraints of available sharing platforms, and the tedium of screen time – I’m looking forward to a new focus in the studio in the new year – in the meantime a break from it all – unplugging and doing domestic – making jam, baking, sewing, skiing – attending to friendships everywhere. The holidays are a tender time for many and this year more than ever being mindful of each others frailties and vulnerabilities.
Remember to breathe –
take deep breaths –
let the wisdom of that awareness, take us to a place of peace and calm even in the most chaotic of situations –

10 daily visual breathing meditations / video sketches
based on the painting ‘the breath’ acrlyic on canvas 9′ x 16′ 1996

daily breath 1
daily breath 2
daily breath 3
daily breath 4
daily breath 5
daily breath 6
daily breath 7
daily breath 8
daily breath 9
daily breath 10


December 2020

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