What’s next?

8 months ago did we know that we would be where we are now? Not likley!And where is that exactly? There are so many different points of view and levels of experience – everyone navigating both personal and universal changes with both local and global implications – none of this feels small, or ordinary or […]

endings beginnings

‘memory is the place where our vanished days secretly gather’ John O’Donohue Here are a few vanished days that have made their way back into recent memory/experience – I have 3 new videos to share with everyone. Two of the installations that I created during my residency in Finland, and one from my Icelandic adventure. […]


…every day reveals surprising new vistas, feeding your visual thirst for beauty, and your souls’ requirements for awesome… The country The country is vast – truly amazing – any attempts to describe it seem trivial, awkward, incomplete at best – experience is everything.Changes in geography and weather happen quickly and often. Natural beauty everywhere – […]