Countdown to Iceland

Tuesday morning August 13th 2019

In spite of piles of everything everywhere, I’m feeling organized –
Working through lists – getting things done
Biggest consumer of time – everything techno –
the learning curve continues –

June and July
have flown by
Spent with friends and family, gardening and getting ready for Iceland -assembling all of the necessary components for the Icelandic dream – which still feels far away – however close it is

A visual blog this time petty much says it all – enjoy!

The process

Leaving Calgary August 16th 2019

here’s hoping that you are all seeing the fruits of your imagination and labor bringing your dreams to life –


PS We feel lucky to have a wonderful community of people supporting us on all levels and are super grateful for the generosity we have been shown thus far.
For those of you who have been asking it isn’t too late – we are going to continue to to collect contributions for our offerings throughout the duration of our project.
Thank you

PPS We arrived in Iceland safe and sound…jet lagged, and super busy getting orientated and organized to start working tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be perfect … we will keep everyone posted when we are able.


  1. Joni Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much for the update. Looking forward to more


  2. Heather Murphy says:

    Great! So glad you both arrived safe and sound. And, wonderful to hear from you so soon! Heather


  3. Allison says:

    Have a fabulous time!


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