Since the last time –

Today I wake up and revel in the rays of sunshine coming through the bedroom window – after yesterdays rain, a warm welcome to the day – grateful!

A quick update since arriving back to Canada – 2 months ago today, 2 months!
Trying to find my way back to myself – wondering where that is exactly now that I’m home?
Trying to make sense of – explain – the faint far awayness of my European life on the road – where is it now? filed away in a folder on the desktop of my brain? under memories waiting to be relived? re – membered – put back together?

Art and life happen simultaneously each day (Gyō-zo would say they are the same thing) and it can take any form, any rhythm. Since coming back it has more or less looked like this:

All the pondering had to be put on pause while my colleague Anne and I connected and planned our Iceland expedition. Filming, editing, creating a short video talking about the work we plan to do while there, learning how to create a crowdfunding page, then doing it – so much learning!
We also spent much time discussing, researching, organizing our time in Iceland, flights, accommodation, car rentals, possible locations for ‘hai’ lights, so much to think about!
I became very excited while I was imagining – daydreaming about – asking what’s next for ‘hai’ lights – when I saw black ones! I had experimented with many different ways of adding colour over the years yet I had never considered black, now it seems like the perfect ‘next’ incarnation. After a month of trials I’ve come up with the best way to make them and look forward to seeing how this new element will manifest in the Icelandic landscape.

There has also been visiting friends and family, catching up on sleep, taking care of business, and of course spring clean up in the garden, pruning, weeding, planting, listening to the birds, the fountain – smelling the flowers, sitting in the green – breathing – quietly celebrating – celebrating everything – being in my own personal garden of gratitude – feeling deeply –

As always I appreciate you spending your time – your precious time! – reading, listening, and being curious about my work – grateful 🙏🏻

Louise Pagé
June 11th 2019

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