Smoky Spiral – scattered –

Sept 6th

Because of the extreme heat during the middle of the day, I had to time my installation so as not to be outside until later in the afternoon, and to be finished before dark. I arrived around 3p. As soon as I figured out where I would start, I set up the camera and got to work. I drew a spiral on the ground with a stick to start the pattern, then proceeded to place the pieces around it. At one point I decided to scatter the ‘light’….
as though the energy of the spiral decided to take off in different directions.

twilight shots       smoky spiral scattered       Pass Creek Road   Castlegar  BC

Darkness  came very quickly, almost as soon as the sun set…but the moon was no where in sight. I had not wanted to drive down that mountain road in the dark, but as it tuned out I had to….very slowly! I arrived back at the campground around 7:30 in the pitch black. I had to back up into my camp spot in the dark.
I am amazing myself with my confidence driving Bill – parking, changing lanes, backing up… all things that were anxiety producing – now no longer. I feel very little if any nervousness any more. I still don’t like it when there’s a long line of cars behind me, and I pullover when I can, but as they say ‘ you’ve come a long way baby!!!’

As always I was eager to see what I had shot. I had been disappointed that the moon didn’t show up before I left – here’s where an overnight time-lapse would have been great! I would have to be happy with my scattered spiral in the smoke. I had dinner and a shower while everything was backing up and dwnlding before tomorrows shoot, and took a brief look at what I shot with the iPad before going to bed exhausted!

Sept 6th     2017         Fire moon               Castlegar   BC

Sept 7th
I wanted to give myself enough time to do all the documentation that I needed to do before it got too hot, so I left around 10a to go back to the site. There was a soft breeze animating the pieces, the air was hot and heavy with smoke, which created a strange and surreal space. The sound track was unrelenting crickets and grasshoppers, birds and bees, I can’t wait to hear/see how it turns out. A couple of hours later, everything came down.
I know I’ve said this before, but it seems to be true each time…
the strangeness of seeing the land after the drawing (installation) is removed…
as though now, there is something missing from that space…
It’s a weird sensation, difficult to articulate…

smoky spiral scattered            Pass Creek Road  BC

soundtrack during the entire install

Once back at the campground I got ready to leave the next day…
I’d had a very productive week and was looking forward to a little time off exploring Nelson, where I had not been since the ’80’s.


All images  / text   ©  Louise Pagé    2017

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