July – August

July 1st
It’s strange sleeping in a house again. There’s so much room everywhere!
Experience changes everything. Before I would have said the house was spacious, but not overly so, now it seems enormous… you could fit 3 Bills in the studio alone!!!

I’m a third of the way through  ‘drawn to respond: ‘hai’ lights on the road’ –
so much packed into such a short time – super intense – I’m really feeling the need to decompress and process not just the journey, but the work as well. I had a chance to quickly look at some of the latest video on the big screen, overall I’m happy with what I shot… there is a lot of footage to go through…. A LOT!!!
I’ve decided not to go to Watrous next week. I would have liked to create a pop up piece in Wellington park and join the Manitou trail, but it just feels like too much…I will do an installation there one day, just not next week! As soon as I made the decision to stay put for a while, I immediately felt better, more relaxed, eager to work on documenting what I had done so far. I was also looking forward to time in the garden, which is so glorious at this time of year.
‘Be’ ing in the city is so different from ‘be’ ing while travelling … not sure how to clarify –
There’s more ‘doing’ stuff involved in city life, travelling is more opening, absorbing, witnessing ….
The plan is to go back on the road after I know my mom has survived her cataract surgery, and I have had time to work on all the follow-up that is waiting for me!

Until then enjoy July!

Garden awesomeness!!

July turned out to be a very productive month – video editing mostly, but also family obligations, visiting with friends, dealing with ongoing health challenges, primarily skin and gut – it’s because of that, that I delayed going back on the road until the second week in August. I did not want to be travelling with a skin infection, and it took a while for it to clear up. I managed to go out Saskatoon berry picking a couple of times with friends, the abundance this year was truly amazing.
I spent as much time in the garden as possible – did much of the editing and writing while listening to the birds and the fountain,  enjoying the green and the shade of the back yard.
The weather this summer was stellar….warm…hot… all day and long into the night, not just the occasional day, but most days. Virtually no rain, therefore no mosquitos!!! I loved being able to do computer work outside, it made a tedious job, easier.
After the long weekend in August, I got ready to go back on the road…it was time, I was ready. I made arrangements to visit family in Olds for a couple of days, as well as tour an acreage that belonged to some friends…looking for possibilities. But the BIG plan was to put up an eclipse piece on August 21st, either in the Crowsnest pass or in Castlegar.
Enjoy the rest of the lazy hazy days of summer….


All images  / text © Louise Pagé    2017

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