‘Imagine all the people living life in peace…’ John Lennon

As much as I find myself with endless things to say and to share, at the same time I feel paralyzed – unable to imagine what I could possibly contribute given the current state of the world.
I attempt some thoughtful comments, perhaps helpful perspectives –

I think its fair to say the majority of the people that inhabit planet earth just want to be free to live their lives in peace. When I dial back and observe, I see this overwhelming energy of people trending towards peace, but in effect there has been little political will to uphold that energy –
war after all is an economic driver ( how twisted is that ? )

If there is hope to be found here let it be that Putins’ war re-energizes the peace agenda

For the first time in history anyone, anywhere in the world can watch war happening in real time and witness the ravages of the decision made by one man, and how that plays out with peoples lives across the globe.

What we are seeing / witnessing gives us all the evidence that we need to hold all the people responsible to account – the ones who made the weapons that are killing people, the ones that profited from the sale of weapons, those that sanction the use of weapons to achieve peace ( again how twisted is that? ) –
go down the list…
It gives us exactly what is needed to end war once and for all.
But instead of seeing that war itself is a crime, and those perpetrating those crimes should be caught, stopped and punished, we increase military budgets and justify it to fight the ‘bad’ guys…

We are all human
This is where we meet, this is where we connect – regardless of any other identifier – we are human
Our humanity is what connects us, all of us, everywhere on earth –
everything else divides us, creates hierarchy and righteousness, it gives us cause, justifies bad behaviour and breaking the rules – divisions become reasons for war.

Imagine if we removed all other identifiers and everyone navigated the world from that singular position – as ‘human‘, I wonder what would happen? in our personal lives? in the world?

I’m going to leave you with this quote from Caroline Casey whose eloquent words mirror my sentiments.

“Let all the horrific cruelty in Ukraine,
resonating out to empathic kinship with all suffering –

create a profound revulsion for war in all our hearts –
that cruelty be dissolved from the human repertoire –
so we can attend to the essential task before us
of humans humbly cooperating with

Nature’s Guiding Genius to co-weave, with Flora and Fauna,
the fabric of creation back into supportive solace for all our kin…” 

Let this be the hope – that we not only imagine peace on earth, but that we finally ‘see’ peace on earth for all of humanity –
so we can get on with re -imagining a harmonious, just and safe world for the planet and all sentient beings that inhabit it.

Imagine –
Peaceful hearts
Peaceful thoughts
Ommmming harmony and wellbeing


Under the light of the pink full moon
April 2022

Curious fact:
166 years ago Russia was invading Crimea, what is today Ukraine. They lost badly, but it changed the entire Russian culture. At the time the planets Jupiter and Neptune were together in the sign of Pisces. And now they have met up again in the exact same position in the sky as they were then, 166 years later and Putin is invading Ukraine again. Talk about cycles!
There is a lot of information on this on the internet if you are curious.

Places for perspectives on peace – each completely different, same agenda –
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