What’s next?

8 months ago did we know that we would be where we are now? Not likley!
And where is that exactly?

There are so many different points of view and levels of experience – everyone navigating both personal and universal changes with both local and global implications –
none of this feels small, or ordinary or like anything remotely recognizable – mostly it feels like overload and overwhelm.
The word that keeps coming to mind that seems to sum it all up –
I know not really possible – but sort of – is transformation
And creativity is at the heart of transformation – chaos is the call

One of the ways I’ve personally answered that call has been by rethinking, reworking a painting that I made in the late ’90’s during the AIDS pandemic. Its a painting about breathing.
I opened an Instagram account and have been sharing this work as well as my process on that platform. I invite you to come and have a look, no IG account nescessary. https://www.instagram.com/louisepage_okori/

I will be installing this painting next week at a local theatre space that I have rented in order to photograph and film it.
If you find yourself in YYC please come and visit, info is below, times TBA on my IG account.

Another incarnation of this piece will be to create a video animation and narrate a breathing meditation to accompany it –

I will also be live streaming on Youtube from the theatre on Friday August 28th at 10:15 MST for 15 minutes with ‘an artist a day’.
Follow the link below if you are curious and would like to see the work in situe.

You can now access the recording on YouTube


There is much to say but really only one sentiment and that is that peace prevail above all else. Every thought – well maybe not every one, but striving more often than not for that goal – come from a place of compassion and empathy for fellow travellers on this planet earth.

Peace, peace and more peace


August 22, 2020

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