Rio Frio December 17th 2017

October, November, December came and went – months, weeks, days, hours disappearing into the routines of the everyday. A lot of computer work, learning, refining, updating, editing – all things creative – very intense –
My life on the road and the rhythm of it seems so far away –
I feel the lethargy of the energy in the house, in contrast to the frantic pace of the city and long for balance and returning to the flow of the open road. I felt myself being drawn back…I wanted to try to squeeze one last wander through the October prairie landscape before the snow and cold came, but it was not to be. In late October I parked Bill for the winter, it wasn’t time to decide what to do next, it was time to process –

Nov 4th 2017          Sat night 8p or so               suspended in limbo

‘Here but not really, maybe only some of me, but if not here, where then?
somewhere else?nowhere I can say – vaguely disorienting, difficult to accept –
There’s so much to be done, yet I can do none of it, the body refuses, the mind is busy, preoccupied, and the heart, well the heart feels like it’s not ready for words –  ‘

There was still the prospect of another possibility for the winter solstice on Dec 21st. I arranged  to do a piece on some friends property just south of town, but was once again was thwarted by the weather. So much snow fell it was impossible to get out of our street.
So I decided to work with what I had – a backyard, a fire pit and tons of snow – I drew the celtic symbol for gratitude by shovelling the snow around the fire pit, filled it with ‘hai’ lights, and created ceremony around the fire as the last rays of the sun disappeared –
My homage to the light, the Source – Okori – of everything – on the shortest day of the year   OMMMMM….

Winter solstice                December 21st   2017              backyard homage to the light

This project and the journey that it took me on, woke up a longing inside of me – roused a desire, a memory of freedom –  something I feel deep inside my bones… I hear it calling me from somewhere far away – remember – it says – remember this? and at the same time as knowing exactly what it is, definitions/explanations elude me –
It’s not so much ‘be this’, do that’, it’s more like ‘feel this and step into it’
a visceral experience – even though seeing it is obscured and seemingly far away,
it’s close to my heart – holding me –

With this blog, I’ve taken you along on my ‘wanderings’ through space and place, sharing my work – intuitively inspired/spontaneous expressions of light – hopefully the telling of it wasn’t too tedious to read.
There’s also a deeper more personal journey that parallels the detours and delays, the twists and the turns, the surprises along the way filled with insights and epiphanies,
ah ha’s and oh no’s,  ‘hai’ light moments all!   the ‘ponderings’ part of the project
Coming soon…

I’m not going to say that this work is done, it’s more like on pause –
There is much to examine and to sort – physically – creatively – psychically –
Fall and winter are ideal for inner mining and incubating.
And the future?   well, the future  lies – in the future –
the realm of the ‘unknown for now’  space –
The womb of endless possibilities …..
If you’ve signed up for updates, you’ll know what’s next when I do.
In the meantime
Enjoy     En joie
In light  En light

‘drawn to respond : ‘hai’ lights on the road   
Began on    May 12th 2017                 95,331.3 kms           1p
‘Paused’ on     October 22nd 2017         102,672  kms         11:45a
Total kms                                                  7,340.7  kms

storing Bill for the winter

All images  / text  ©  Louise Pagé   2017

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