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Louise Pagé

We have known each other since the early ’90’s when we shared a studio at 1000 Parker St. in Vancouver, when there was no heat or hot water, you had to figure out your own electrical and the fire escape was a rope next to the window! We were recent graduates, Anne with an honours diploma from ECAD and Louise with a masters from UBC, eager to be part of a supportive artistic environment, to find simpatico with fellow artists across disciplines.
Over the years Anne has taught at two universities, been to the Banff centre twice and has received two Canada Council grants. Louise has attended the Emma Lake artists workshop, been to the Banff centre, and most recently completed a residency at Arteles in Finland.
Even though life has taken us to different parts of Canada we have stayed in touch. Recently Louise’s ‘hai’ lights on the road project inspired Anne to begin her own pilgrimage. When she called Louise to ask if she would assist with her ‘Heal’ project in Iceland, and consider bringing ‘hai’ lights along, ‘Heal’ and ‘hai’ lights became our next project.

So far our research has shown us that this has the possibility of being amazing on so many levels AND that the expenses are going to be substantial. We are crowdfunding to help us offset some of those expenses.

Over the next 4 months we will be accepting donations in exchange for photographs and art work that we will be creating while in Iceland.
The work we are proposing to create comes from a desire to share our unique visions with humanity, which we explained in the video above.
Support from you will help us bring these visions to life – manifestations of hope and light – in a part of the world where the environment reminds us of the beauty, fragility and temporal nature of everything.
Our deepest gratitude for whatever you can contribute towards our projects.
Anne and Louise

Click on your choice below. When we return from Iceland and have selected which images will be printed you will be notified, and sent images to choose from. After we receive your choices we will send them to you through the mail.

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Please remember to add your wish/intention for Annes’ performance piece in the comment box below for all levels of contributions.
Thank you.


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Our awesome donors

Sunni Nishimura

$50.00 June 25, 2019

Cherrill/Andrew Andrews/Yarmie

$50.00 June 24, 2019

Wren Katzalay

$20.00 June 20, 2019

Wish it could be more!

Tara Wilson

$50.00 June 19, 2019

love this so much and excited to be able to support your work Louise! xo


$10.00 June 18, 2019

Cheri Sydor

$25.00 June 17, 2019

Good luck bringing your project to life!

Robert Page

$50.00 June 15, 2019

Have fun

Linda YANG

$50.00 June 14, 2019

Together, we can make our world a better place through healing and connection.

Diana Bouvier

$100.00 June 14, 2019

May this work be of benefit to all beings.


$300.00 June 13, 2019

Linda YANG

$60.00 June 12, 2019

Joni Mitchell

$50.00 June 12, 2019

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