October, November, December came and went – months, weeks, days, hours disappearing into the routines of the everyday. A lot of computer work, learning, refining, updating, editing – all things creative – very intense – My life on the road and the rhythm of it seems so far away – I feel the lethargy of the energy in the […]

Homeward bound

every driving day a different color Thursday  September 14th On the road and at the hot springs by 10a. It was a glorious hour, just long enough for the body to thoroughly relax and breathe in warm, moist air. I caught the 11:30a ferry to Kootenay Bay and decided to stop at Yasodhara Ashram again. […]

Sept. 8th – 13th

                                                      every driving day a different color I left on Friday morning headed for Nelson on my way to meet up with my friends. Because I had not been […]