…every day reveals surprising new vistas, feeding your visual thirst for beauty, and your souls’ requirements for awesome… The country The country is vast – truly amazing – any attempts to describe it seem trivial, awkward, incomplete at best – experience is everything.Changes in geography and weather happen quickly and often. Natural beauty everywhere – […]

Countdown to Iceland

Tuesday morning August 13th 2019In spite of piles of everything everywhere, I’m feeling organized –Working through lists – getting things doneBiggest consumer of time – everything techno –the learning curve continues – June and Julyhave flown bySpent with friends and family, gardening and getting ready for Iceland -assembling all of the necessary components for the […]

Since the last time –

Today I wake up and revel in the rays of sunshine coming through the bedroom window – after yesterdays rain, a warm welcome to the day – grateful! A quick update since arriving back to Canada – 2 months ago today, 2 months! Trying to find my way back to myself – wondering where that […]