Fall musings 2018

In my last post in July, there was some pondering and wondering, remembering and reflecting, gathering and wrapping – up ‘drawn to respond’. Since then many things, important, significant things have happened – a little backtracking… In April, my lifelong teacher and mentor, GyoZo, Ron Spickett, passed away, left this dream world for another, he […]


‘There are times when life sharpens, things come into focus and gradually, you become aware that you are standing before a threshold. There is no way back to where you were before and there is no way out but through.’                  John O’Donohue For me, ‘drawn to respond’ […]


October, November, December came and went – months, weeks, days, hours disappearing into the routines of the everyday. A lot of computer work, learning, refining, updating, editing – all things creative – very intense – My life on the road and the rhythm of it seems so far away – I feel the lethargy of the energy in the […]