winter solstice 2020

‘daydreams painted on a prairie sky : a meditation on beauty‘ acrylic on canvas 7′ x 8′ For me this painting has always been about flying, ascending, the energies of both arriving and leaving, at the same time somehow – lately however I have come to see it as a portal – an entrance – […]

4 years ago

‘hai’ lights : labyrinth’ began as a reinvestment in my career –a reimagining of the original idea, exploring the possibilities it offeredIt was a breaking free of limitations on all levels, following my creative impulses –feeling compelled to see my ideas come to life –It began a journey of liberation, setting myself free from the […]

an invitation to pause

It’s hard to believe that 3 months have gone by since my last post. Life has both slowed down and whizzed by simultaneously – strange –all of it strange – yet in someways that strangeness has opened up a world of possibilities previously unavailable – witnessing the unfolding is its own adventure – staying in […]