“We can get so busy trying to fill in what is missing and correcting what is not working that we fail to realize that there is an appropriate “coming apart” happening.  The “coming apart” will make room for what is next. The “coming apart” is evolutionary, making room for what is next and better.  It […]

a daily breath – an invitation to pause

10 daily visual breathing meditations / video sketches based on the painting ‘the breath’ acrlyic on canvas 9′ x 16′ 1996 Time to put these sketches aside – let all the learning percolate.I’m feeling the limitations of iMovie, the constraints of available sharing platforms, and the tedium of screen time – I’m looking forward to […]

winter solstice 2020

‘daydreams painted on a prairie sky : a meditation on beauty‘ acrylic on canvas 7′ x 8′ For me this painting has always been about flying, ascending, the energies of both arriving and leaving, at the same time somehow – lately however I have come to see it as a portal – an entrance – […]